Code Of Administrative Offences Of The Russian Federation

NO. 195-FZ OF DECEMBER 30, 2001
(with the Amendments and Additions of April 25, December 31, 2002, June 30, July 4, November 11, December 8, 2003, April 25, 2002)
Adopted by the State Duma on December 20, 2001
Endorsed by the Council of Federation on December 26, 2001
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Section I
Chapter 1
Aims and Principles of the Legislation on Administrative Offences
Chapter 2
Administrative Offence and Administrative Responsibility
Chapter 3
Administrative Penalty
Chapter 4
Imposition of an Administrative Penalty
Section II
Chapter 5
Administrative Offences Encroaching Upon Citizens' Rights
Chapter 6
Administrative Offences Endangering the Health and Sanitary-and Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population and Endangering Public Morals
Chapter 7
Administrative Offences in the Area of Property Protection
Chapter 8
Administrative Offenses Concerning Environment Protection and Wildlife Management
Chapter 9
Administrative Offenses in Industry, Construction and Energetics
Chapter 10
Administrative Offenses in Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine and Land Reclamation
Chapter 11
Administrative Offenses on Transport
Chapter 12
Road Traffic Administrative Offenses
Chapter 13
Administrative Offences in the Area of Communications and Information
Chapter 14
Administrative Offences in Business
Chapter 15
Administrative Offences Concerning Finance, Taxes and Fees, as Well as Security Market
Chapter 16
Administrative Offences in Customs Area (Violations of Customs Rules)
Chapter 17
Administrative Offences Encroaching upon State Power Institutions
Chapter 18
Administrative Offences in the Area of Safeguarding the State Borders of the Russian Federation and Treating Aliens and Stateless Persons on the Territory of the Russian Federation
Chapter 19
Administrative Offences against Government Procedures
Chapter 20
Administrative Offenses Encroaching upon Public Order and Security
Chapter 21
Administrative Offenses in Military Registration
Section III
Chapter 22
General Provisions
Chapter 23
Judges, Bodies and Officials Authorized to Try Cases Concerning Administrative Offenses
Section IV
Chapter 24
General Provisions
Chapter 25
Participants of Proceedings on Cases Concerning Administrative Offenses, Their Rights and Duties
Chapter 26
Facts in Proof. Evidence. Evaluation of Evidence
Chapter 27
Taking Measures to Secure Proceedings on Cases Concerning Administrative Offenses
Chapter 28
Initiating Proceedings on a Case Concerning an Administrative Offence
Chapter 29
Trying a Case Concerning an Administrative Offence
Chapter 30
Review of Decisions with Regard to Cases Concerning Administrative Offences
Section V
Chapter 31
General Provisions
Chapter 32
Procedure for Executing Individual Types of Administrative Penalties

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